Ambassador Program

a person who acts as a representative or promoter of specified activities.

Is networking one of the reasons why you joined ACN? Are you looking to expand your practice by increasing your visibility within the nonprofit consulting community? The Membership Engagement Committee’s Ambassador program might just be a great opportunity for you!

  • Participation is open to all ACN members
  • Committee membership is not a requirement
  • Assigned up to 5 new members per year
  • Training available
  • Time commitment: about 1 hour/month

What do Ambassadors do?

  • Welcome new members
  • Schedule a virtual or in-person coffee
  • Share orientation schedule - first Wednesday of each month at 10 am
  • Walk members through benefits page on website
  • Show members where to find upcoming event information
  • Introduce them to other members
  • Periodically check in and make sure new members are getting the most out of joining ACN

If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email Jennifer Heffernan at

The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits | 400 E. Randolph St., #3115 | Chicago, IL 60601

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