ACN’s board of directors is supported by committees who help execute our strategic plan and goals. 

To learn more about serving on an ACN committee, you can reference the general committee information here. Please contact the committee chair (see below) or Jennifer Heffernan at if you would like to attend a meeting and learn more!

Governance Committee Purpose & Plans

The committee is responsible for ensuring that there is a sound governance structure in place, that the organization is in legal compliance and good standing, and that the governing board is carrying out its work effectively. This is a Board member only committee, but from time to time the Board may request general members’ assistance with finance/governance efforts, therefore if you’d like to be considered for these opportunities please contact John Bauer for more information.

Develop content for Annual Board Member Orientation to be delivered on July 30
Develop Annual Committee Member Orientation
Legal and functional review of the ACN Bylaws
Collaborate with Membership Committee on membership category alignment
Execute Annual Board Nomination and Election Process
Explore options for a board self-assessment process to inform opportunities for ongoing board development

Marketing & Communications Committee Members
Gordon Mayer - Co-Chair

Marketing & Communications Committee Purpose & Plans

The committee is responsible for ensuring that ACN's brand and messaging is consistent in all outreach and across all channels. Its general areas of interest and responsibility are print marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website maintenance and public relations. The Communications Committee also works closely with other committees to assure brand and messaging is consistent across all ACN outreach.

• Make the website more user-friendly for members, prospective members and nonprofits
• Implement analytics tracking system
• Develop a comprehensive ACN Brand Guide

Membership Engagement Committee Members & Ambassadors

Megan Angle - MEC Member & Ambassador
Gioia Giannotti - MEC Member & Ambassador
Allecia Harley - MEC Member

Sam Odishoo - MEC Member & Ambassador
George Persekian - Ambassador
 Mahal Ramos - MEC Member
Amy Schiffman - Ambassador

Membership Engagement Committee Purpose & Plans

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to develop an annual plan to attract new ACN members and retain current members. The committee is responsible for setting attainable goals for the year.

• Add 2 Members/Ambassadors to Committee
• Conduct Virtual Monthly New Member Welcome Presentations
• Invite Prospective Members to Join/Attend 
• Identify & Recommend Additional Membership Benefits/Features
• Conduct Coffee and/or Networking Events for Potential Member
• Grow Membership by 10%
• Achieve 90% Member Retention Rate

Program & Nonprofit Relations Committee Members
Belinda Li
 Brian Loevner - Co-Chair

Program Committee Purpose & Plans

The committee is responsible for ensuring that ACN offers its members and guests a series of programs that enhance understanding of the nonprofit sector and provide relevant professional development content that benefits members' consulting practices. The committee is responsive to Board directives and input from members gathered through post-program questionnaires and surveys.

• Determine programming topics and formats our members need in a COVID-19 world
• Work with other committees to ensure programs:

• are relevant to ACN members
• provide valuable networking opportunities
• help impact the sector
• support ACN’s core mission

• Continue engaging with ACN members and consultants in Chicagoland suburbs
• Explore more ways to use virtual and in-person events to support partnerships
• Re-evaluate programming delivery as the community adapts and adjusts to new realities

Board - Committee Structure

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