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Marketing Research & Strategy
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We guide organizations toward their destinations through the art and science of marketing research.

Please visit our website ( for more information, drop me a line (, or give me a call (847-475-6202).

The Work:
We learn about the decisions you need to make and who you are trying to reach. Then, we determine how information from the outside (from users of services, audience members, partners, donors, etc.) can bring insights to planning, decision-making, and implementation.

We conduct marketing research, usually conducting surveys, focus groups, or interviews, seeking to learn about people's needs, motivations, interests, and challenges. We bring those results back to you and work with you to integrate them into your processes.

Equipped with invaluable information to shape strategy, planning and implementation, our clients tell us they make informed decisions with greater confidence and impact.

We'd love to talk with you and explore how our approaches might match your needs.
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CBWhite helps organizations answer vital strategic questions so they can take well-reasoned action.

- Questions: Who do we need to reach? Those we hope to serve? Referral sources and community partners? Volunteers? Buyers of products and services? Donors and funders?
- Action: Identify types of prospects.

- Questions: What are their needs? What barriers might they face in coming to us? Whom else will they consider? How do we compare?
- Action: Develop and/or modify programs, products, or services, as well as marketing plans.

- Questions: What motivates them? Why will they select us? What makes us unique? What benefit can we provide?
- Action: Create an effective brand with consistent messages and a clear description of the organization.

- Questions: How will they learn about us? What communication vehicles reach them? Who and what influences them?
- Action: Deliver messages using effective methods and referral sources.

- Questions: How successfully do current activities contribute to our mission? Which of them should we keep, refine, discontinue? Which opportunities (products, services, events, programs) are most likely to succeed?
- Action: Allocate resources effectively.
Practice Areas (select top 3)
  • Branding and Identity & Graphic Design
  • Communications, Marketing & Public Relations (including Research and Strategy)
  • Market Research and Strategy
Client List
Our clients come from all corners of the nonprofit arena:
Arts & Culture
Children & Youth
Community Improvement
Economic Development
Education & Libraries
Philanthropy & Grantmaking
Policy & Law

A client list and descriptions of representative projects can be found at
Testimonial 1
"Carol advised us on the most cost-effective strategy for completing our market research, as well as on the various research components. Her broad experience translates into efficiency for the client – she and her associates know what will work best to get the information an organization needs. When we considered a name change, Carol gave us options organized by time and cost, in the context of many similar projects managed by her company. This approach immediately put things in perspective for our Board of Directors."

Trinita Logue, President and CEO, IFF (Illinois Facilities Fund)
Testimonial 2
"Carol has served as a trusted guide for us on a variety of projects. She helps us clarify our questions and listens carefully to our concerns, then she delivers the information we need to develop smart strategies and take action. We now have a much deeper understanding of our strengths and challenges, thanks to Carol's insightful interviews with our funders, partners, colleagues, and other constituents. She also helped us tackle a challenging set of branding issues and provided the quality research we needed for a high-impact, well-coordinated implementation. We look at Carol as a wise and sensitive partner who cares deeply about our mission."

Jerry Adelmann, Executive Director, Openlands
Testimonial 3
"When we first started looking for someone to help with research to support important decisions, we had trouble finding what we needed. Some consultants were too business-oriented for us, while others were too ‘touchy-feely.’ When we found CBWhite, we felt like Goldilocks – we had finally found one that was ‘just right.’ Carol's mix of corporate savvy and understanding of what is important to nonprofits was the perfect fit."

Alicia Huguelet, Director of Public Policy, Greater Chicago Food Depository

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Topic 1
Marketing with Meaning: How to talk (clearly) about your organization
Topic 1 Description
We talk about our work just about every day. But, are we compelling, clear, and consistent across the organization when we are asked what we do? (Some may call this the elevator speech.)

In this 60-minute webinar, learn to use your voice as an effective marketing tool. Marketing expert Carol White will guide you with a structure so you and your team speak with greater confidence, clarity, and impact when asked to describe your organization.

Participants will also have a chance to connect with Carol immediately following the webinar to explore additional questions and personal examples.

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