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Porte Brown LLC
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Porte Brown LLC has a long history of working closely with its not-for-profit organizations to aid the board in its oversight by providing audit and tax services, as well as a variety of additional consulting and education opportunities for its not-for-profit organizations. Our overriding goal is to partner with your Organization and to provide support and guidance towards greater mission impact. While audit and tax services may be sought because they are required, we aim to take the next step in the relationship and service with recommendations and insights
gained from our experience which would be applicable and beneficial to your Organization.
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  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Finance and Accounting (including Banking and Financial Modeling)
  • Information Systems (Including Software, Database Support, Data Analytics)

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The Truth About Fraud and Establishing Sound Fiscal Controls
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We hear about fraud often through the news, large schemes that take advantage of companies, employees and the general public. But fraud doesn’t happen in Not-for-Profit organizations, right? Unfortunately, while it may occur less frequently, or just be reported less frequently (we will get into that); fraud is still occurring daily. The next logical question is what can we do about it. Spend some time digging into the data provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners to gain knowledge on what fraud looks like today and what most companies and NFP organizations are facing. Then we will address the challenges and go through practical application of what to do to address the most common frauds and identify what the organization can do proactively to stand up to fraud.
Topic 2
Understanding the Numbers
Topic 2 Description
In the NFP world, there variety of areas of strength for any high level employee or board member can vary vastly from your peers at the executive level. While each individual brings with them unique skills and knowledge, some shared knowledge is helpful for all members of leadership to share. In this workshop we will break down the complexities and unfamiliarity that many may face with understanding their NFP financials and the numbers they are looking at on a regular basis. Gain and understanding of what the actual fiscal responsibilities of a board member are, how not only to read and understand the financial statements but also learn what questions you should be asking based on what you are seeing, and ensure you have a full understanding of your organization’s financial reporting requirements with various reporting agencies.
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