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Do you find people getting ‘stuck’ in the process of engaging with your organization? Are people interested in your mission but not taking action towards it? Are people not realizing the full benefit of your services?
COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others, but it doesn’t mean we can’t connect with them. Thoughtfully designed engagement paths and focused communication can help nonprofits build strong relationships with those who care most about their mission.

Emily Taylor, the principal of teenyBIG, is passionate about helping nonprofits find better ways to engage the people who matter to them. She guides teams in stepping outside of their day-to-day work in order to create stronger connections with their audiences, turning lackluster followers into enthusiastic supporters.

Emily teaches organizations how to apply human-centered design, a process that re-evaluates the experience of a product or service’s end-user. She designs and facilitates workshops to help teams understand and expand the user experience and offers coaching packages to further guide that process.

Have a question about how your audience can make a larger impact toward your mission? Reach out to Emily at https://teenybig.com/lets-talk
Human-centered Design
Audience Engagement Coaching
Engagement Strategy
Empathy Interviews and Surveys
Collaborative Workshop Facilitation
Prototyping and Testing
Practice Areas
  • Capacity Building
  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Strategic planning
Client List
The Morton Arboretum
The League of American Bicyclists
High Speed Rail Alliance
She Leads Tech
Six Corners Association
Ragdale Foundation
Access Contemporary Music
Testimonial 1
"Emily took an overwhelming amount of information from our team, members, and research and helped me see the ways our ideas could be organized and fit into our mission and purpose statements."
- Alisha Wenc, Director of Programs at She Leads Tech
Testimonial 2
"I highly recommend Emily's work and process for anyone who needs design and concept development work to assist with messaging, branding, and conveying complex ideas visually!"
-Alexandra Canalos Castillo, Director of Programs and Strategy at Center for Changing Lives
Testimonial 3
“Emily’s process is top-notch and I loved how well she listened but also how she challenged us to think big and ask hard questions of ourselves.”

- Scott Bricker, Executive Director at Bike Pittsburgh

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Topic 1
Creating Champions for Your Mission During COVID-19 and Beyond
Topic 1 Description
Do you feel like there is more potential for your audience to support your organization? Has COVID-19 made it feel like people are ‘stuck’ in the process of engaging with your work?

Passionate supporters can add momentum towards your mission – through support, advocacy, or skills - and having them means your organization can maximize its impact. In this workshop, we will teach the importance of stepping outside of your expertise and listening to people so you can guide them to increased engagement with your organization, creating champions for your most important work.
Topic 2
Human-Centered Design Workshop
Topic 2 Description
What does it mean to have more voices at the table? As people expect more say in how they spend their resources, nonprofits need to rely more on listening to the voices of their audience. In this workshop, you will learn about the collaborative process of human-centered design and its benefits to nonprofits. We will walk through several tools that will help attendees listen, observe, and test new ideas that will help them achieve their mission.

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