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Consulting: I follow a collaborative approach to consulting, entering each engagement with the notion that the nonprofit sector’s public service impact can be maximized only by joining my specialized expertise with leaders’ deep knowledge of their organizations. Problem solving becomes a joint undertaking, with equal attention to both the technical issues and the human interactions that arise in dealing with them. My goal is not to solve problems one time for an organization; rather, I help leaders build their capacity to solve problems themselves, now and into the future.

Training & Facilitation: My design and facilitation of learning experiences draws from the science of brain research, specifically employing practices that support and enhance adult learning. An adult learner’s understanding of an experience is ultimately a function of how she experiences her body in relation to it—the embodied brain learns through analogy and metaphor. I thus interweave brain-aware activities throughout my programs to engage both verbal-theoretical-conceptual approaches as well as embodied and metaphorical approaches. Especially with the DEI learning journey, I apply Vygotsky’s scaffolding approach to provide enough structure—including emotional support for the anxious brain—to encourage learners to venture out to their “growing edges.”

Coaching: My approach to coaching nonprofit leaders is grounded in CoachDiversity Institute’s model, “Empowerment Coaching: A Tool for Social Transformation,” designed to help clients connect with their personal power and support them as they clarify their purpose and ultimately execute their vision. CoachDiversity Institute (CDI) is the only coaching organization focused on diversity as a mechanism to support true organizational and community change.
Offering consulting and training services to nonprofit organizations and one-on-one coaching for nonprofit leaders, applying an equity lens and mirror that centers racial justice within an intersectional approach. Consulting specialties include board governance, coalition building/collaboration, and policy advocacy.
Practice Areas
  • Board Support (Development, Governance, Retreats, Training)
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Professional Development

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