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Sarah Keister Armstrong & Associates, LLC
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We believe that public and nonprofit organizations can be transformational institutions.

We understand the challenges facing today’s public and nonprofit organizations and the changes in how communities interact with them. We also know that every institution is different, and one method of approaching planning, grant writing, or evaluation does not fit within the framework of every organization.

Our intentionally small size allows us to provide our clients with customized services and solutions on timelines that work for them. We bring a unique multidisciplinary background to our work that both recognizes the value of data and acknowledges the importance of conversation.
Strategic Planning
Community Needs Assessments
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  • Grant Writing/Research
  • Program Evaluation (Outcome Management, Data Analytics)
  • Strategic planning
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Available upon request.

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Embracing Strategic Planning as a Community Engagement Tool
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The importance of strategic planning is not new to nonprofit organizations, but the manner in which we can connect with and elevate voices that are otherwise underheard continues to evolve. How can we effectively identify who should be a part of the process? How do we balance feedback received from different community stakeholders with the knowledge we have as nonprofit professionals? And how can we pull together what we learn into an actionable plan?

Rethinking the strategic planning process from a cumbersome and overwhelming task to an opportunity to connect with our community opens the possibilities to engage with those outside our immediate circles. This program will provide participants with insights and ideas to incorporate thoughtful community engagement into strategic planning processes that both diminishes the risk of planning within our own bubbles and also inspires new ideas.

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