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Convergence Design Lab
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Convergence Design Lab is a full service research and design agency, 100% woman-owned. We are on a mission to build resilient learning ecosystems. Convergence was born out of the urgent need of our communities to rethink their own learning ecologies through the lens of equity and engagement.

Today we work at the intersection of research, learning design and strategic thinking helping our partners build sustainable programs and practices that strengthen their immediate and long-term impact.
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Curriculum and e-learning design
Facilitation and Training
Outcomes Mapping and Strategic Program Design
Research, evaluation and assessment
Professional development and learning communities
Design Thinking Workshop
Experiential Learning Design
Game-like thinking and design
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  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Program Evaluation (Outcome Management, Data Analytics)
  • Workforce Recruitment, Training & Development
Client List
Chicago Learning Exchange
Chicago Public Schools Office of Equity
Homewood Science Centner
Chicago Architecture Foundation
Spy Hop
Urban Alliance
Testimonial 1
Convergence Design Lab is highly professional and flexible. Margaret, Mindy and team were fantastic about working with us and our project partners to develop an eCourse that is engaging and well-designed. The eCourse has gotten a great response from participants. We can’t recommend them highly enough. —American Library Association Public Programs Division
Testimonial 2
Convergence Design Lab are invaluable partners, collaborators, cheerleaders, advisors, and friends. Their work has pushed Spy Hop and our teaching staff to deeply examine our pedagogy and push us to be better, to do better, to be critical thinkers of our own work. Through our partnership, Convergence Design Lab has given us the insight, guidance, and tools to empower us to better articulate our positive impact on the youth we serve and our place in the world as change-makers. —Matt Mateus, Deputy Director, Spy Hop
Testimonial 3
Convergence Design Lab listened to me think and came back with design ideas that enhanced our strategic thinking. They helped make complex concepts for equity easy to understand using design elements that never would have occurred to us. —Dr. Maurice Swinney, Chief Equity Officer, Chicago Public Schools

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Who Will You Be?: The Game
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Designing for Participatory Agency
Article 3
Why Every Organization Needs a Strong Community of Practice, Especially Now

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