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VP of Nonprofits
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7401 Beaufont Springs Drive Suite 300
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We help Nonprofits become more efficient, effective, secure and profitable for no out of pocket costs. With the time and money saved, Nonprofit staff can focus on more strategic, mission driven activities.

Our story began in 2010 with a simple goal: to deliver a solution that would facilitate electronic supplier payments for businesses—and generate profit in the process.

Our AP automation solution is flexible and agnostic that is adapted to client needs with dedicated support teams in place.

It is easy to use and thorough in order to lessen the workloads of Accounts Payable departments.

We deliver cash rebates that other payments companies already provide, but we do it in a way that is more generous, more transparent and with a greater focus on service and relationships.
Finance Automation
AP Automation
Invoice Automation
Saving Nonprofits time and money so they can better focus on their mission
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  • Finance and Accounting (including Banking and Financial Modeling)
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The Aspen Institute
Henry Jackson Foundation
Goodwill of Kentucky
Goodwill of Louisiana
Goodwill of Ohio
A Better Chance

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My name is Matthew Kirkpatrick and I am a VP of Business Development with Paymerang. I am married with four kids and I love to travel with my wife Adrienne – Mexico and Florence are my two favorite destinations so far. In my spare time, I like to play golf and try foods from different cultures. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, I enjoy the transferable skills from the world of athletics to business. I am passionate about Paymerang mainly because of two things – the company culture, which is diverse, inclusive and collaborative and the way I get to help nonprofits by making a positive difference. We have a unique solution that helps streamline the operations of nonprofits. We save them time AND money so they can focus on more strategic financial activities that better support the mission!
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Improving Efficiency and Profitability for no extra costs!
Topic 2
Past, Present and Future of Accounts Payable
Topic 3
Making E Payments part of your Business Continuity Plan

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