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Waller Consulting provides practical governance and operational advice for small to midsize nonprofits to build capacity to bring their visions to reality.
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  • Board Support (Development, Governance, Retreats, Training)
  • Capacity Building
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interim Leadership
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Legal Services
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic planning
Client List
Brighton Marine, Boston, MA
Foothills Alliance, Anderson, SC
Central SC Habitat for Humanity, Columbia, SC
Our Military Kids, Fairfax, VA
South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Columbia, SC
Empower DC, Washington, DC
Rape Crisis Center of Horry & Georgetown Counties, Myrtle Beach, SC
Renew Oceans, Brooklyn, New York
Palmetto Center for Children's Legal Access, Columbia, SC
Children's Cancer Partners of the Carolinas, Spartanburg, SC
Testimonial 1
“Ginny has the heart of a social worker and the business savvy of the highest-performing executive, which gives her a unique ability to truly understand both a non-profit’s mission and its underlying operations. Ginny had the vision and the talent to drive our organization to the next level. From board development and fundraising to operational management and communications planning, Ginny offers a keen perspective and delivers results for anyone lucky enough to work with her!”

— John Wilkinson, Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands
Testimonial 2
"As a new Executive Director with no non-profit experience and a disconnected board, I knew I needed help. Ginny worked with me to evaluate my agency's priorities and board function, resulting in a more involved, productive board and a clearer vision for my agency's future. The support and guidance she provided is invaluable!"

— Chelsey Hucker, Foothills Alliance
Testimonial 3
“Ginny has in-depth experience leading a growing organization. She excels at long-term planning, advocacy, staff management, and board development. Ginny has the ability to help strong leaders make hard decisions.”

— Katie Fox, 2015 Administrator of the Year, Midlands Technical College

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Ginny Waller, Founder and Principal of Waller Consulting, is an accomplished nonprofit Executive Director of the largest free-standing sexual assault services center in the Southeast. Ginny has more than sixteen years of experience in nonprofit leadership development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency with specializations in change management and relationship building for startup and small nonprofits. Her passion is supporting nonprofit leaders as a thought partner and practical and strategic advisor to build capacity to dream their nonprofits' visions into reality.
Topic 1
Nurturing Safe Space: Strategies For Ensuring Employee Retention
Topic 1 Description
Employee turnover has long been an issue for the nonprofit sector. A new study from Nonprofit HR reveals that 45% of nonprofit employees will seek new or different employment in the next five years. Of that group, 23% said that nonprofits would not be among the types of organizations they intend to pursue. Nonprofit employees leave for different reasons – low pay, lack of career growth, low functioning business models, poor management, and more; yet, the significant negative impact on the organizations’ finances and culture is the same. Strategically focusing on building a brave space through the prioritization of wellness and intentional relationship building is integral to maintaining low employee turnover.

Former successful nonprofit executive director and attorney, Ginny Waller will facilitate a virtual workshop for nonprofit leaders to improve employee retention through the reinforcement of a culture of high psychological safety in which people can take interpersonal risks by speaking their truths. The facilitator will lead peer discussions around identifying the elements of a healthy organizational culture and strategies to increase employee engagement.

What You Will Learn:
• The primary reasons employees leave
• The essential elements of a healthy organizational culture
• Gary Chapman’s Five Languages of Appreciation
• How to identify your employee’s Language of Appreciation
• Methods of employee engagement
• Strategies to improve employee retention
Topic 2
The Power of Partnership
Topic 2 Description
As federal budget cuts loom, it is vital for both nonprofits with missions earmarked for cuts and smaller nonprofits to strengthen their relationships with their peers. Collaboration and knowledge exchange both build networks for nonprofits before they need them and can increase nonprofit organizational effectiveness through synergy, overhead reduction, and cultural integration. High-impact collaborations like mergers and acquisitions can shore up an organization’s financial position and help increase mission success.
Former nonprofit executive directors Ginny Waller and Gregory Nielsen will facilitate a virtual training for nonprofit leaders on building substantive relationships with mission-similar nonprofits. The facilitators will provide case studies of high-impact collaborations – the elements that led to success and the pitfalls of failure. Facilitators will lead peer discussions around potential partner identification and strategic approaches to the initial contact. The facilitators will also utilize a discussion-based lecture model to identify the pillars of strong relationships, key considerations before placing merger or acquisition on the table, and strategies for successful mergers or acquisitions.
• Identify the pillars of meaningful nonprofit organizational relationships.
• Analyze the methods for developing strong relationships before you need them.
• Define levels of high-impact collaborations, including mergers and acquisitions.
• Summarize key considerations before merger/acquisition.
• Recognize strategies for successful merger and acquisitions.
Topic 3
Recession Proof Your Board: Governance for 2022
Topic 3 Description
If anything, the pandemic further reiterated what we already knew: there are fewer resources than ever ; keeping volunteers engaged in their love language in this digital age is challenging; and the most successful organizations have highly-motivated and effective fundraising boards.
This session will help nonprofit leaders rebuild their boards into the governance models and fundraising machines needed post-COVID. Presenter will utilize traditional PowerPoint to present outline of the training. Presenter will also use polling to determine the role of attendees with board development, assess attendee’s organizational capacity for board recruitment and fundraising, and ask other relevant questions to engage attendees in the training. Presenter will show a video of a traditional nonprofit board meeting to entertain and alert attendees to unhealthy board operations. Presenter will also facilitate breakout sessions among attendees to provide attendees time to brainstorm strategy and methods for their organizations using the benefit of peer experience.
Attendees can expect the following Learning Outcomes:
• Participants will recognize the importance of a transition away from the mindset of recruiting board members who know all the right people and have deep pockets.
• Participants will obtain material tools to assist in development of a clear board recruitment strategy.
• Participants will walk away with step-by-step instructions on engaging their current board members in healthy recruitment and creating a long-term and sustainable board-led recruitment culture within the organization.
Presenter will provide session handouts for attendee’s organizational use in implementing strategies discussed during the training.

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