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How many times have you been driving to your destination and your navigation system pauses for “Rerouting?”  It happens to all of us, right?
Organizations in a variety of sizes and industries approach roadblocks and need help them reroute, assess their readiness for growth, and develop a roadmap. I can help you mobilize your team, get results, and achieve goals.  Whether onsite, remote, or on a stage, and if your team is one or one thousand, let's talk.
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Do you need help seeing around corners and preparing for the future? As a change agent, Allecia Harley provides forward-thinking solutions to strategic and operational challenges. Her clients are nonprofit, academic, and public health organizations.
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  • Capacity Building
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
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Ada S. McKinley
CPASS Foundation
DOCS Health
Legend Senior Living
University of Chicago
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👍    "Masterful attention to detail and focused strategic planning. Allecia helped unpack and shape our organization’s true north for the next three to five years." John Suggs, Executive Director of CF Charities
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👍    "Allecia brings a level of expertise and knowledge so that, as a leader, I can make sound decisions that ensure the safety and health of our community."  Avis Williams, Ed.D., Superintendent, Selma City Schools
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👍    "Allecia was extremely knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and very detail-oriented." Karen Roz, Director, Johns Hopkins University

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Allecia is a strategic leadership advisor, epidemiologist, healthcare innovation consultant and owner of Prevention Advisory Group. Her data-driven thought leadership and actionable strategies guide senior teams and leaders to create exponential growth.

Allecia has 25+ years of experience working in public, private, and philanthropic organizations across the US. At Huron, a management consulting firm, she contributed six-figure revenue growth for nine consecutive years, even during the Great Recession. Her team served healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit clients, advising Johns Hopkins University, Partners Healthcare, UC San Francisco, and Tenet Healthcare, among others. At Abbott Laboratories, a multinational medical devices and health care organization, she directed the technology transformation of her division resulting in a significant increase in organizational capacity and profit.

In addition, Allecia has designed innovative health and social development programs for the City of Chicago, increased the annual immunization rate by more than twelve percentage points for the Chicago Public Schools and has lectured at Rush University and Columbia College Chicago.

Allecia holds a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science from Spelman College. She lives in Chicago with her husband, teenage son, and their dog, Cassius Clay.
At Huron Consulting Group, Allecia contributed six-figure revenue growth each year, even during the Great Recession. Her team served healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit clients across the US. At Abbott Laboratories, she oversaw the technology transformation of her division resulting in a significant increase in organizational capacity.
After earning her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan, Allecia joined the City of Chicago to implement innovative health and social programs. Later, she was recruited by Chicago Public Schools to use creative problem-solving techniques to increase the overall immunization rate by more than twelve percentage points in a year.
Allecia specializes in creating growth and innovation for her clients and is a frequent speaker at national conferences.
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Annual Report: Is it a Burden or a Call to Action for Donors
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Do you want your annual report to recruit donors for you? As a general rule, people don't like to donate, but they LOVE to make a difference. If you apply the neuroscience of giving to the creation and distribution of your annual report, the world will see the difference they can make through you, and respond accordingly.

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