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Allecia is a Nonprofit Advisor, Strategist, Trainer, and Facilitator on Leadership and Growth.
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Are you starting a new role and want to put your best foot forward with your Board and leadership team? Or are you established in your role and need to mobilize your Board and leadership team to achieve big goals?

Imagine if you had detailed insights into each person’s preferred work and communication styles and were able to build a team with complementary strengths and diversity of thought. You’d have a dream team that’s ready to do their best work.

That’s exactly what Allecia talks about in her keynotes, online courses, workshops, and executive coaching programs.

1. Designing Dream Teams: Get the right leaders in the right roles for the right reasons based on their strengths.
2. Inspiring Impactful Leaders: Unleash the potential of your leaders and managers to effect change.
3. Reducing Unwanted Turnover: Prevent burnout and predict which leaders are at-risk for turnover.
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  • Board Support (Development, Governance, Retreats, Training)
  • Capacity Building
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interim Leadership
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Design and Management
Client List
University of Michigan
University of Chicago
Chicago Public Schools
Milton Academy
CPASS Foundation
CF Charities
Legend Senior Living
Black Belt Community Foundation
Ada S. McKinley
University CoWork
Holistic Birth Collective
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👍    "If you are seeking innovative approaches, engaging relationships, and someone who can develop strategies that align with your organization's mission and vision,  I strongly recommend Allecia Harley."
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👍    "Allecia is a dynamic leader and consultant. She is leading University CoWork’s efforts to grow our team.  Her strategy for hiring and onboarding has made a significant difference for our team. They really appreciate her joy."
Testimonial 3
👍    "Masterful attention to detail and focused strategic planning. Allecia helped unpack and shape our organization’s true north for the next three to five years. It was a pleasure working with Allecia."

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You don't have 90 days to make an impact as a leader. You have 9 days.
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Article 2
Most leaders have no idea what's really going on...Here's how you can stay informed.
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Article 3
You LOVE working remotely… but you miss the spontaneous hallway conversations with your team. Here are two options:
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Allecia is a nonprofit advisor, strategist, trainer, and facilitator on leadership and growth. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Prevention Advisory Group.

Allecia has 20+ years of real-world organizational consulting and public health experience distilled into instantly applicable strategies, behaviors, and skills to lead through change. She honed her approach while actively running her company, serving on non-profit boards, and being an engaging executive coach.

Allecia has advised nonprofit, academic, and public health organizations on how to prepare for and lead through the constantly changing landscape.
Topic 1
Building the Team of Your Dreams
Topic 1 Description
Learn to dissect and redirect your frustration with poor performers into bringing out the strengths of those who complement you. Note: they might be the same people!
Topic 2
Master the Neuroscience of Giving
Topic 2 Description
Empower your Board and leadership team to tap into donors' innate desire to give and do for others.
Topic 3
Turning Burnout into Churn Out
Topic 3 Description
Infuse infectious inspiration into your team to move from "have to" to "want to".

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