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Amy Cook Law LLC
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73 W. Monroe
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Amy Cook Law LLC serves nonprofits, small businesses and creative professionals. Examples of services includes nonprofit formation, corporate governance documents and training, contract drafting and review (vendor, independent contractor, major donor, nondisclosure, volunteer releases, use of copyrighted material, etc.), and protection of intellectual property.
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Nonprofit formation, merger, dissolution. Fiscal sponsor agreements, contract drafting and review, protection and use of intellectual property.
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  • Board Support (Development, Governance, Retreats, Training)
  • Legal Services
  • Strategic planning
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Farmer Chef Alliance
Artisan Grain Collaborative
Illinois Stewardship Alliance
SAEF Legal Aid
American Sokol Organization
Latino Worker Safety Center

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Amy Cook is an attorney serving nonprofits, small businesses and creative professionals. She has presented for numerous organizations and conferences and institutions such as the Chicago Council on Planned Giving, the Nonprofit Learning Lab, Women's Business Development Center, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Nonprofit Boot Camp, the Chicago Bar Association, Chambers of Commerce and Chicago-area colleges and universities.
Topic 1
Legal Risks and Protections for Your Organization's Intellectual Property
Topic 1 Description
Learn best practices for protecting intellectual property, such as educational and training materials, fundraising campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, and photos, and how to reduce risk when using others' content.
Topic 2
Nonprofit Board Governance
Topic 2 Description
Learn roles and responsibilities for board directors and officers, fiduciary duties, the founder’s role, and the importance of recruiting a diverse board of directors.
Topic 3
Nonprofit Corporate Governance Check-Up
Topic 3 Description
Be sure your organization is in compliance with state and federal requirements. Learn the IRS recommended policies to have in place, and the importance of reviewing bylaws to be sure they reflect the organization's current work.

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