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Crystal Lily Creative
Founder, Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development Consultant
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Inclusive branding and leadership development consulting to create inclusive, aligned, human-focused environments rooted in core values. On a mission to inspire more communication, compassion, and understanding. We want to create space for connection and collective growth that results in safety and belonging for all people.


Crystal Lily Creative believes in empowering leaders by helping them create the tools they need to form relationships that support their growth and their purpose, without sacrificing integrity.

As diversity and inclusion branding consultants, we believe in the freedom to use our platform to help create positive growth and change within communities, because safety and equality should be a right, not a privilege.

We believe that disrupting the status quo is necessary so that self-care no longer has to include evaluating the safety of the spaces people seek to occupy.
Inclusive Brand Consulting and Messaging Support
Leadership Development Coaching
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Training and Facilitation
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  • Branding and Identity & Graphic Design
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training
  • Leadership and Professional Development
Client List
For Purpose Kids
BRA Network
Wedding and Event Vendor Alliance (WEVA)
Nina Stoller-Lindsey
Insure Equality
Paige Ray Creative
Passion Flower Sue name a few. Please reach out for a more detailed list of clients.
Testimonial 1
“For business owners who are serious about wanting every aspect of their business to reflect the values of inclusivity, equity-mindedness, authenticity and trauma-sensitivity I can't imagine working with a better thought or implementation partner than Crystal Lily Creative. Highly recommend!” –Wendy Ryan, CEO at Kadabra and Author of Learn, Lead, Lift: How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness
Testimonial 2
“Learning about inclusive branding from Crystal has been one of the most eye-opening and empowering experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur *and* as a person.

Her core values-based approach helped me crystalize my belief that, as a business owner, you shouldn’t have to choose between making money and doing good. Now, I help other business owners use social media to do both.

Crystal is deeply insightful, always compassionate, and never judgemental. So when it comes to the challenging work of disrupting your own bias, you could not find a better person to guide you. I cannot recommend her enough!” –Nina Stoller-Lindsey, Social Media and Content Strategist for Mission-Driven Brands
Testimonial 3
“I received Individual Coaching from Crystal through her Empowered Branding Program and I can't begin to tell you, not only how amazing she is, but how much she guided and supported me in my growth as a person and leader in my social enterprise. To become an inclusive leader is something many of us strive towards, but don't really know what that means. Crystal's program not only provides the foundation and framework to learn what that means, but she provides the knowledge, wisdom, guidance and compassion necessary for the growth to take place on a personal level. To begin to understand how to express inclusivity by being rooted in strong core values is such a gift, and has allowed me to become much more confident in the space I'm working to build to welcome and include others. Thank you Crystal, for all that you've empowered in the world and I can't wait to see all of the magic that results!” –Misty Castaneda, Social Entrepreneur and Kids Toy Brand Creator

Publications & Articles

Article 1
The Truth About Creating Inclusive Content For Your Brand
Article 2
Creating An Inclusive Business and Living An Inclusive Life
Article 3
Brave Leadership is a Choice: Modeling Ways To Be Inclusive

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Crystal Whiteaker (pronouns: she/her) is the Founder and CEO of Crystal Lily Creative, and Author of Brave Leadership is a Choice: An Inclusive Guide to Creating Belonging. Crystal is an Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development Consultant who helps mission driven brands and leaders create human-focused messaging and environments rooted in core values. Crystal brings over 15 years of creative, relational, process driven experience across multiple industries. She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” who puts a strong focus on core values to help people connect, communicate and lead with belonging in mind. Crystal cares deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and is an advocate for leaders and organizations that provide resources and support for healing. Beyond her work, Crystal enjoys spending time at the beach, connecting with people, and exploring new places.
Topic 1
Rooting Your Brand in Aligned Values
Rooting Your Decisions in Aligned Values
(Topic is interchangeable based on the audience)
Topic 1 Description
A talk to guide you through the benefits of rooting your brand in core values aligned to you, your mission, and purpose. Learn new ways to identify, define, and communicate your core values so you have a rooted foundation to connect to every decision you make. By the end of this class, you will have tools to use your core values to cultivate brave, inclusive, and welcoming spaces for all humans with aligned values.
Learn about:
Clarifying core values on a deeper level
Using core values to make aligned decisions
Communicate commitments to your community through core values
Topic 2
How to Be An Inclusive, Inspiring Leader
Topic 2 Description
A talk about the responsibilities of inclusive leadership and what it really means to have influence. By the end, participants will understand how these responsibilities and traits are vital to help create belonging within a community.

Participants will learn about:
The Responsibilities of Leadership
Traits of Inclusive Leaders, and
Creating Belonging From Within
Topic 3
Building Aligned Relationships
Building Aligned Connections
(Topic is interchangeable based on the audience)
Topic 3 Description
A talk to support your role in creating inclusive environments and establishing relationships aligned to your core values. This includes the relationship with yourself as well as relationships with people you connect with. By the end, participants will have tools to incorporate practices of building aligned relationships that lead to more inclusive communities and environments.

Participants will learn about:
Clarifying relationship core values.
Creating harmonious relationships to make inclusive connections.
Nourishing relationships by exhibiting compassion and empathy, while honoring boundaries.
Participants will receive a digital guide to help them formulate a Personal Philosophy Statement to clearly identify and communicate their relationship values with themselves and the people they connect with.

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