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A full-service consulting firm serving science and technology organizations. I specialize in helping organizations meet their management, leadership, and outreach needs. I work with small organizations and nonprofits who are unable to fulfill all their needs with full-time staff, and could use help from an external firm to operate and grow their organizations.
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  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Program Design and Management
  • Strategic planning
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National Association of Academies of Science
Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally
Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

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Dr. Rachel K. Owen is a policy and social entrepreneur with proven success in making things happen. Throughout her career, she has not only seen the vision for how to solve problems facing graduate students, scientists, farmers, policymakers and more, but also taken initiative to implement solutions. Rachel holds a PhD in Soil Science and has been supporting nonprofits through strategic planning and executive management for 6 years. In 2016, Rachel launched a nonprofit bridging the scientific and policymaker communities in Missouri and went on to co-found a science and technology policy content platform to build a community of practice for science and technology policy professionals.
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Social Entrepreneurship 101: Program Development for Nonprofits
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There are so many ideas out there about how to solve problems facing our communities, but many of those ideas never get implemented. In this webinar, we will put pen to paper and go through the steps to successfully launch effective programs. We will start with a feasibility study and landscape scan, hash out program details, and end with a plan for long-term sustainability.

Learning Outcomes:
Whether you work with an established nonprofit or are brand new to social entrepreneurship, learn how to help ideas become reality to make positive change.
- Outline of program development steps to make new ideas happen
- Criteria for sustainable and successful program design

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