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Clara Lucia
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Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching, LLC
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Purpose At the Center
Has the power to move individuals or organizations from crisis to sustainability to contributing back to society through a powerful and mindful process.

Who We Are
Breaking Through Consulting supports, encourages, empowers, and equips individuals and organizations to embrace and fulfill their purpose effectively and efficiently.

Our Mission
To help individuals and organizations break through, advance, and increase their influence and impact by finding, understanding, and activating their purpose for social good.

Our Vision
To transform the world into a place where compassion, justice, and fulfillment are available to everyone always.

Our Values
1) Purposeful Approach: Purpose is a catalyst for change. We help individuals and organizations position their purpose at the core of what they do so they can compel, engage, and mobilize themselves and others into action. We connect the dots. Our solution-based strategies help individuals and organizations move through challenges to discover, fulfill, and sustain their purpose.

2) Collaboration: We work, grow, learn, succeed, and celebrate together. We collaborate with individuals and organizations, not for them, to help them bring their purpose to life with our direct collaboration and understanding of who they are and what they can become.

3) Commitment: We not only establish a thoughtful, clear plan, which will help us fulfill our own purpose, but we apply ourselves fully to that plan with aliveness, accountability, and truth. Commitment involves putting our best, most authentic beings into everything we do. We believe in stretching ourselves, taking risks, and being open to continually learning and growing.

4) Service: Our main goal is to help others activate their purpose and reach their potential by putting our resources to use in their best interest. We know that the highest quality relationships in our practice are those in which our team members and clients know that we deeply care about them and their interests, fulfillment, and wellbeing.
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We increase capacity to implement important activities designed to improve and enhance an individual’s or an organization’s ability to achieve and sustain their mission.

Through meaningful collaboration and a listening heart, we help bring personal and organizational missions to life through these core competencies:

1) Transformational Coaching: Through a unique assessment tool, a discovery journey, and a proven coaching methodology, we identify and rally around the “purpose” as a unique framework to helping individuals, brands, and organizations transform, breakthrough, advance, achieve their full potential, increase their impact, and reach possibilities beyond what they thought was possible.

2) Branding, Marketing, Communications, and Community Engagement: We focus on identifying and placing purpose at the core of the individual’s areas of life, the organization’s people, programs, partnerships, and promotional efforts. We elevate your purpose to create movement and do meaningful things with others, not for them.

3) Project Management: We apply our expertise, knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects effectively, efficiently, and well-timed while enabling individuals and organizations to tie results to their purpose and goals, helping fulfill missions and increase impact.

4) Spanish Adaptation and Interpretation: We provide meaningful, correct, and precise cross-cultural adaptations and interpretation services based on the countries' cultures, rather than the linguistically correct or literal translation of the content to connect with your audience better and more personal.
Practice Areas (select top 3)
  • Branding and Identity & Graphic Design
  • Communications, Marketing & Public Relations (including Research and Strategy)
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Writing/Editing
Client List
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Curamericas Global
Cardenas Markets Foundation
Opus Peace
EverThrive Illinois
People's Resource Center
Willow Creek Community Church
McDonald's Corporation
Testimonial 1
"I wholeheartedly believe that anyone looking for clarity for their journey and calling in life should utilize the gifts and skill set of Clara Lucia Carrier. She helped me draw out my purpose and set up a strategic plan to go after my heart desires. After working with her, my vision and confidence were elevated to new heights, and I felt equipped to move forward in following my life and career dreams."
Donna Iwicki, Coaching Client
Testimonial 2
"On behalf of Opus Peace, I want to highly recommend the work of Clara Lucia Carrier. If you are a nonprofit looking for ways to rejuvenate your business, re-brand, create messaging, re-energize, and get your nonprofit ready for the future, she is the person for the job. She is knowledgeable, personable, a great communicator, and a kind person who gets to know you and your business on a personal level so you can be true collaborating partners." Angie Snyder, President at Opus Peace.
Testimonial 3
"Clara has worked with us on multiple projects, including focused training of staff to develop our message and effectively share our story. Clara is well-organized, prompt, conscientious, and thorough. She does not allow activities to fall through the cracks and will bring up the people around her. She is also great at staying flexible as organizations grow and evolve. My extended professional experiences with Clara have been consistently positive and I would recommend Clara to any organization seeking support, additional capacity, training, or tools for effective, concise, and convicting communications."
Andrew Herrera, Executive Director at Curamericas Global.

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I am interested in engaging in more speaking engagements. A few years ago I was invited as a panelist for the ACN Annual Meeting. I have also been a guest contributor and presenter at the Sarkeys Foundation, board of directors meetings, and smaller women's groups.

Trained as a communicator, marketer, and journalist, I have been dedicated to strengthening and growing people and brands to find their purpose and sustain it over time. My 20-year experience as a dynamic and versatile bilingual/bi-cultural leader includes working with nonprofits such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, EverThrive Illinois, Curamericas Global, Willow Creek Community Church, Opus Peace, People’s Resource Center, Cardenas Markets Foundation, CASA Kane County; and for-profit companies like McDonald’s Corporation, The Hershey Company, Verizon, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), and Southern Illinois University.
Topic 1
Leading With Purpose Means Using Our Influence, Saying “Yes,”​ and Giving Permission to Others
Topic 1 Description
We all have influence. We are able to positively impact, inspire, and ignite others into action, into leadership, no matter what we do, where we work, or what type of personality we have. We have the power and the responsibility to use our gifts and talents, our purpose, to move others into action and leadership.
Topic 2
Our Purpose = Our Becoming
Topic 2 Description
Cultivating a friendship with our emotions and taking responsibility for our own nourishment and self-care are the water and the sun that our souls need to thrive and serve others well.
Topic 3
Selling Your Purpose: Bringing a Sales Perspective to Non-Profits
Topic 3 Description
In a stereotypical sense, a salesperson is someone whose main goal is to sell you a product or service, get your money, and make you into a customer. As a nonprofit, it’s different. Your main goal is to make social change, generate donations, and make your donors into allies in your purposeful journey. But just because the goals are different, doesn’t mean that a nonprofit isn’t selling anything, or shouldn’t think of themselves as salespeople.

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