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Perspectives Ltd.
Vice President, Business Development & Organizational Consulting
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Perspectives Ltd is a Chicago-based workplace resources firm with 35+ years of proven experience offering high-impact solutions for workforce productivity and performance challenges.

With our in-depth understanding of both organizational and individual behavior, we are able to help our client organizations identify the true causes of problems affecting their organization.
We believe in taking an individualized approach with each customer engagement and collaboratively creating tailored solutions that have practical applications in their workplace.
Organizational Consulting Portfolio

COACHING (Leadership, Executive, Management, Physician, Disruptive Professional)

STANDARDIZED ASSESSMENTS (360 degree feedback, Kolbe, DISC Profile, Myers Briggs, Emotional Intelligence)

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING - to address workplace challenges, including:
• Organizational Change Initiatives
• Management Skill Training Program
• Emergency Preparedness/Crisis Response
• Team Building and Development
• Performance Management
• Project Management
• De-escalation Training for Healthcare Professionals
• Professional Boundaries

ADDITIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES (including but not limited to)
• Focus Groups
• Benchmarking of Current and New Positions
• Opinion/Engagement Surveys
• Organizational Needs Assessment
• Mediation
• Onboarding & Outplacement Services
• HR Compliance Review

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) SERVICES:
• WorkLife Online
• 24/7 Call Center
• In person counseling (also available without an active EAP contract)
• Dedicated Account Manager
• Job performance and company violation referrals (also available without an active EAP contract)
• HR policy consultation
• Advanced supervisory training and employee seminars
• Health fair participation
• Critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs) for traumatic workplace events (also available without an active EAP contract)
• Grief support groups (also available without an active EAP contract)
Practice Areas
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Workforce Recruitment, Training & Development
Testimonial 1
"I'm a great fan of Perspectives, I feel like it is a company that truly 'walks the walk and talks the talk!'"

Kelly Venegas, Director of Human Resources, Catholic Diocese of Gary

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