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    • 06/24/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
    • Virtual Webinar

    Monday, June 24, 2024 | 10 am - 10:30 am CST

    Free Webinar - Registration Required


    Logic Models feel and sound very complicated - but they don't have to be. A Logic Model is a great visual map for you to set the scene for your donors and funders. By using something familiar to all of us (the task of doing laundry), we'll walk through the steps of mapping a Logic Model and to define the gaps in your program that need filling.

    Julianne Buck
    Nonprofit Brains & Brawn, LLC.

    "Julianne Buck, CAP®, has been Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Grundy County (IL) for 21 years and has taken their assets from $0 to $17 million. As a small, rural shop, Julianne has performed all roles within a nonprofit – often all in one day.

    Mrs. Buck serves on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Planned Giving and is co-chair of CCPG’s annual day of learning Symposium.

    Julianne teaches a Certificate of Nonprofit Administration at Joliet Junior College and has launched Nonprofit Brains & Brawn, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to nonprofits, donors, and professional advisors. Julianne became a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® in 2020."

    ACN has partnered Nonprofit Learning Lab (NLL) to help serve the sector by providing quick, 30-minute webinars featuring ACN members. The Nonprofit Learning Lab is a national nonprofit that connects, supports and trains individuals in the nonprofit sector. NLL offers daily online nonprofit trainings. with workshops that focus on fundraising, board development, social media, marketing, volunteer management, and organizational leadership.

    • 07/10/2024
    • 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Zoom Meeting

    ACN Virtual Annual Business Meeting
    Wednesday, July 10, 2024
    2:00 pm - 2:30 pm CT

    We look forward to gathering as a community to thank our outgoing board members and announce our incoming board members for FY25.

    This is a member only event.

    A confirmation email with Zoom link will be sent after your register.  Please contact, Jennifer Heffernan at if you have any questions.

Past events

05/29/2024 How To Cultivate Donors Remotely
05/15/2024 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
05/09/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
05/08/2024 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
04/22/2024 Impact Amplified: Strategies for Strengthening Nonprofit Advocacy
04/18/2024 Multicultural EMPOWER Group
04/17/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
04/11/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
04/10/2024 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
04/10/2024 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
04/10/2024 ACN Member Orientation - April
03/21/2024 EMPOWER Group - Consultants of Color
03/20/2024 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
03/19/2024 Overcoming Resistance and Driving Change
03/14/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
03/13/2024 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
03/13/2024 ACN Member Orientation - March
02/29/2024 ACN Member-Only Northside Networking Breakfast
02/27/2024 Fundraise Smarter, Not Harder - How to Identify High Value Fundraising Tasks
02/20/2024 Bridging Generational Communication Gaps in the Nonprofit Workplace
02/19/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
02/14/2024 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
02/14/2024 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
02/14/2024 ACN Member Orientation - February
02/09/2024 EMPOWER Group - Consultants of Color
01/18/2024 EMPOWER Group - Consultants of Color
01/17/2024 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
01/11/2024 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
01/10/2024 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
01/10/2024 ACN Member Orientation - January
01/03/2024 The Art and Science of Major Gift Giving
12/18/2023 Setting Group Norms and Agreements
12/14/2023 ACN In-Person Happy Hour
12/14/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
12/13/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
12/06/2023 ACN Member Orientation - December
11/29/2023 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
11/28/2023 Streamlining Nonprofit Operations with Automation
11/16/2023 EMPOWER Group - Consultants of Color
11/14/2023 ACN Member Only Virtual Networking Event
11/09/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
11/08/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
11/01/2023 ACN Member Orientation - November
10/12/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
10/11/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
10/04/2023 ACN Member Orientation - October
09/14/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
09/13/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
09/06/2023 ACN Member Orientation - September
08/14/2023 Writing for Impact: A Nonprofit Professionals Guide to Drafting Content that Inspires
08/10/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
08/09/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
08/02/2023 ACN Member Orientation - August
07/13/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
07/12/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
07/05/2023 ACN Member Orientation - July
07/05/2023 Nonprofit Websites That Build Community: How to Know If Your Site is Effective
06/26/2023 Fuel Your Funding with Data-Driven Program Evaluation Reporting
06/16/2023 ACN 34th Annual Business Meeting
06/16/2023 Discover How ChatGPT Can Revolutionize the Way Small Businesses Operate
06/14/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
06/08/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
06/07/2023 ACN Member Orientation - June
05/23/2023 Nerdy BFF Presentation: Powered Productivity
05/11/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
05/10/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
05/09/2023 How to Build an Effective Data Dashboard
05/03/2023 ACN Member Orientation - May
04/26/2023 Burnout Among Nonprofit Consultants and How To Avoid It
04/17/2023 From Research to Award: A Creative & Strategic Approach to Winning Grants
04/12/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
04/11/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
04/05/2023 ACN Member Orientation - April
04/04/2023 What New Research Into Nonprofit Email Tells Us About Trends in the Sector
03/21/2023 3 Part Series: How to Grow Your Business Through Purpose, Client-Ready Investors, and a Sales Mindset
03/14/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
03/08/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
03/08/2023 EUConsult Coffee Chat - March
03/06/2023 Diversifying Revenue Streams and Increasing Impact with a Social Enterprise Model
03/01/2023 ACN Member Orientation - March
02/21/2023 Avoid Common Website Mistakes & Attract Nonprofit Clients
02/21/2023 Conveying Impact Through Data-Driven Storytelling
02/14/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
02/14/2023 DATA TO ACTION: Making Your Clients’ Data Visible and Useful
02/08/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
02/01/2023 ACN Member Orientation - February
01/19/2023 CANCELLED: ACN & AFP Chicago Pop Up Gathering
01/17/2023 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
01/14/2023 CAN Do It! QuickStart Program for Nonprofit Consultants
01/11/2023 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
01/11/2023 EUConsult Program - How To Build Movement to Enhance European Democratic Values
01/04/2023 ACN Member Orientation - January
01/04/2023 How to Conduct a Feasibility Study for Purposeful Program Design
12/14/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
12/14/2022 Holiday Toast with EUConsult
12/13/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
12/12/2022 Communicating with a New Congress
12/07/2022 ACN Member Orientation - December
11/29/2022 How to Be an Inclusive and Inspiring Leader
11/10/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
11/08/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
11/02/2022 ACN Member Orientation - November
10/31/2022 Sponsorship Opportunities
10/20/2022 ACN Presents: Igniting Transformation
10/12/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
10/11/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
10/05/2022 ACN Member Orientation - October
09/29/2022 ACN Virtual Meet Up: Pitch Your Practice
09/14/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
09/13/2022 ACN In-Person Pop Up Gathering - Chicago
09/13/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
09/12/2022 CANCELLED! EMPOWER Group Consultants of Color
09/07/2022 Embracing Accountability as an Opportunity for Growth
09/07/2022 ACN Member Orientation - September
08/10/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
08/09/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
08/08/2022 Organizational Lifecycle During Times of Change
08/03/2022 ACN Member Orientation - August
07/20/2022 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
07/13/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
07/12/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
07/11/2022 EMPOWER Group Consultants of Color
07/07/2022 Your Nonprofit's Online Presence: Legal Risks and Protections for Websites and Social Media
07/06/2022 ACN Member Orientation - July
06/22/2022 Data Makeovers: How to Make Your Data More Beautiful and Engaging
06/21/2022 ACN Pop Up Gathering
06/17/2022 ACN 33rd Annual Meeting
06/14/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
06/08/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
06/01/2022 ACN Member Orientation - June
05/26/2022 Nurturing Safe Space: Ensuring Employee Retention
05/18/2022 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
05/11/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
05/10/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
05/09/2022 EMPOWER Group Consultants of Color
05/04/2022 ACN Member Orientation - May
04/20/2022 How to Build Your Business by Referral: A communication strategy to Land Better Clients
04/19/2022 Annual Report: Is it a Burden or a Call to Action for Donors
04/13/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
04/12/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
04/06/2022 ACN Member Orientation - April
03/16/2022 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
03/15/2022 How to Go From Zero to Hero with Your Client's Grant Strategy
03/10/2022 EMPOWER Group - Early Stage Consultants
03/08/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
03/02/2022 ACN Member Orientation - March
02/21/2022 Planned Giving - What Are You Scared Of?
02/16/2022 EMPOWER Group - Consultants of Color
02/10/2022 EMPOWER Group - Administrative Professional Services
02/08/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
02/03/2022 Mastering Virtual Communication
02/02/2022 EMPOWER Group - Working Parents
02/02/2022 ACN Member Orientation - February
01/26/2022 To SWOT Or Not To SWOT: A healthy debate on planning process work
01/11/2022 EMPOWER LGBTQ+ Meeting
01/06/2022 Nonprofit Brand Review: Prepare Your Organization for 2022
01/05/2022 ACN Member Orientation - January
12/20/2021 What is Your Audience Thinking? Listening Methods to Gain Support for Your Mission
12/09/2021 ACN's Virtual Coffee: Introducing EMPOWER Groups
12/01/2021 ACN Member Orientation - December
11/03/2021 ACN Member Orientation - November
10/18/2021 ACN Educational Program: Leading Change Through Trauma, Resiliency, and Recovery: How Consultants Can Lend Support
10/11/2021 They're Not A Frill If You're Using Them Right: How to Save Money and Get More Done Using High-Skill Volunteers
10/08/2021 ACN's Virtual Cafe con Leche Networking Event
10/06/2021 ACN Member Orientation - October
09/16/2021 Beyond Zoom: Kumospace and Miro - Tools for Meeting and Connecting
09/01/2021 ACN Member Orientation - September
08/05/2021 Embracing Strategic Planning as a Community Engagement Tool
08/04/2021 ACN Member Orientation - August
07/21/2021 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Fourteen: Relationship Building and Leveraging Partnerships
07/08/2021 The Power Of Untold Stories
07/07/2021 ACN Member Orientation - July
06/29/2021 Sponsorship Growth for Your Nonprofit
06/18/2021 Board of Directors Meeting
06/18/2021 ACN 32nd Annual Meeting - From Tired to Inspired
06/09/2021 Educational Program: Making the Most of LinkedIn
06/02/2021 ACN Member Orientation - June
05/27/2021 Good Trouble: How to Advocate for Change
05/20/2021 Board of Directors Meeting
05/13/2021 Educational Program: The Business of Doing Business: Everything a Start-up Consultancy Needs to Know in Insurance, Contract Negotiation, and Marketing
05/12/2021 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Thirteen: Using Data to Communicate Impact & Storytelling
05/05/2021 ACN Member Orientation - May
04/15/2021 EXTENDED Board of Directors Meeting
04/13/2021 ACN Networking Event
04/07/2021 ACN Member Orientation - April
03/18/2021 Board of Directors Meeting
03/17/2021 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Twelve: COVID Relief and Tax Credits
03/03/2021 ACN Member Orientation - March
02/18/2021 ACN Networking Event
02/18/2021 Board of Directors Meeting
02/03/2021 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Eleven: Using Data for Storytelling (Part One) – Data for Driving Strategy & Measuring Impact
02/03/2021 ACN Member Orientation - February
01/27/2021 Educational Program: Nonprofit Hiring Practices
01/21/2021 Board of Directors Meeting
01/06/2021 ACN Member Orientation - January
12/17/2020 Board of Directors Meeting
12/09/2020 ACN Virtual Holiday Happy Hour
12/02/2020 ACN Member Orientation - December
11/19/2020 Board of Directors Meeting
11/17/2020 Community Engagement: Diversity & Inclusion - A Philanthropic Conversation
11/12/2020 From Covering Politics to Helping Nonprofits: An Insider's Look at Winning Communications
11/10/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Ten: Hiring a Grant Writer
11/04/2020 ACN Member Orientation - November
10/26/2020 Operations Council Committee Meeting
10/22/2020 Board of Directors Meeting
10/21/2020 The Power Of Engagement: Your Community and Development
10/13/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Nine: Racial Equity & Social Justice Beyond The Walls of Your Institution
10/08/2020 Strategic Planning Task Force Committee Meeting
10/07/2020 ACN Member Orientation - October
09/24/2020 ACN Member Virtual Happy Hour
09/21/2020 President's Listening Session
09/17/2020 Board of Directors Meeting
09/15/2020 Flash Webinar: Practical Project Management for Remote Teams
09/08/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Eight: Mission Efficiency
09/02/2020 ACN Member Orientation - September
08/26/2020 Flash Webinar: NAVIGATING GREAT UNCERTAINTY: Strategic Planning in the Era of Pandemic, Recession and Social Change
08/11/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Seven: Establishing Long-Term Racial Equity Teams Within Your Organization
08/05/2020 ACN Member Orientation
07/21/2020 Flash Webinar: Bookkeeping Best Practices—and Mistakes to Avoid
07/07/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Six: Creating Long-term, Virtual Teams
06/30/2020 Flash Webinar: Navigating During Times of Uncertainty: The Next Normal
06/16/2020 ACN 31st Annual Meeting
05/27/2020 ACN Member Virtual Happy Hour
05/26/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Five: Virtual Messaging with Meaning
05/19/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Four: HR in a Virtual World
05/12/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Three: Building Leadership and Adaptive Capacity
05/06/2020 NEW INFORMATION: Virtual Connecting for Good Coffee with Partner FOREFRONT
05/05/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session Two: Maximizing Board Engagement and Capacity During Times of Crisis
04/29/2020 Flash Webinar: Content Marketing Tips for Right Now
04/28/2020 Ask a Consultant Series, Session One: The New World of Funding
04/23/2020 Flash Webinar: Beyond Digital: Harnessing the Human Experience to Drive Growth (Even if You're Remote)
04/16/2020 How to Run Your Nonprofit like a For-Profit WEBINAR
04/08/2020 Flash Webinar: What Nonprofits Should Focus on NOW to Prepare for a Better Funding FUTURE
04/08/2020 April Forefront Member Coffee Hour - Cancelled
04/01/2020 Flash Webinar: How to Manage Remote Work and Distributed Teams
03/25/2020 Connecting for Good Coffee in DuPage County
03/12/2020 Connecting for Good Happy Hour with Evanston Community Foundation
03/04/2020 March Forefront Member Coffee Hour
02/06/2020 Demystifying Impact Evaluation – Measuring the Good that We do
02/05/2020 February Forefront Member Coffee Hour
01/08/2020 January Forefront Member Coffee Hour
12/12/2019 ACN Coffee Connection with a Literary Twist
12/11/2019 December Forefront Member Coffee Hour
11/14/2019 Making Your Story Stand Out to Media in 2020
11/13/2019 November Forefront Member Coffee Hour
10/10/2019 Connecting for Good Afterhours with Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago
10/02/2019 October Forefront Member Coffee Hour
09/19/2019 Understanding Social Enterprise: Models, Funding and Legal Structures
09/10/2019 Connecting for Good Coffee with Giving DuPage
09/04/2019 September Forefront Member Coffee Hour
08/07/2019 August Forefront Member Coffee House
07/10/2019 July Forefront Member Coffee Hour
06/12/2019 Forefront Member Coffee Hour
05/30/2019 ACN's 30th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting
04/18/2019 April Program: Connect & Engage With Your Target Market: Networking & Social Media Marketing
04/18/2019 New Member Orientation - April
04/10/2019 ACN Happy Hour in Deerfield
02/21/2019 ACN's February Program: Dealing with Challenging Clients: How do you do it? Strategies and Skill Share for ACN Members and Guests!
02/21/2019 New Member Orientation - February
01/09/2019 ACN Happy Hour
12/13/2018 ACN Coffee Hour: Oak Park
12/06/2018 ACN Coffee Hour: Evanston
11/15/2018 ACN's November Program: Design Thinking for Consultants & Nonprofits | Experience how this user-centered process helps organizations improve their impact.
11/15/2018 New Member Orientation - November
10/17/2018 ACN Happy Hour: An evening of networking and fun
09/20/2018 ACN's September Program: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act… What do you mean every NFP organization will be affected?
09/20/2018 New Member Orientation - September
06/01/2018 ACN 2018 Annual Meeting
05/16/2018 ACN Happy Hour: An evening of informal networking and fun
04/19/2018 Spring Program: Engaging Your Audiences in Your Organization's Story: Why Video and Social Media Are Important
04/11/2018 New Member Orientation - April 11, 2018
03/21/2018 Happy Hour: An evening of informal networking and fun
03/20/2018 ACN Happy Hour: An evening of informal networking and fun
02/15/2018 Winter Program: "Growing Together: Growing Yourself and Your Practice"
01/10/2018 ACN Happy Hour: An evening of informal networking and fun
11/16/2017 Fall Program: VOICE OF THE CLIENT: Nurturing Meaningful Relationships -- Nonprofits, Funders and Consultants
10/24/2017 Happy Hour at WeWork
10/11/2017 New Member Orientation - October 11, 2017
09/14/2017 Fall Program: "In Collaboration with ACN: Obtaining, Maintaining and Growing Meaningful Relationships with Clients"
06/02/2017 ACN 2017 Annual Meeting
05/24/2017 Metropolitan Club Happy Hour
04/20/2017 Sharing Back Office Services to Add Significant Values for NPO's
03/22/2017 Metropolitan Club Coffee Event
02/16/2017 Managing Your Projects and Workflow
01/11/2017 Met Club Happy Hour
11/17/2016 Fall Program: "Voice of the Client - Effective Collaboration with Consultants"
11/15/2016 WEBINAR! Finding, Hiring, and Working with Consultants
10/26/2016 Metropolitan Club Coffee
09/22/2016 Collaboration within ACN: The How, The Why & The Who!

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